Trouble in paradise

On the 8th of August 1997, Judge Dunbar Cenac threw out the charges against Jim and Jenny Fletcher after “finding no evidence in the case”. Their alleged crime? The murder of Jerome “Jolly” Joseph, a poor water taxi driver in the Grenadines.

The case has all the hallmarks of a whodunnit, ripped straight from the pages of a novel. Wealthy, unpopular, foreigners came to seek paradise on the shores of an impoverished foreign land. Their flamboyant lifestyle had made them a bad reputation on the isle of Bequia where they stayed.

Their antics had riled up a lot of locals, and their bad behaviour was becoming the talk of the town. So, when Joseph washed up in the bay, fingers were pointed. Was this a case of blaming the easy target, Jim and Jenny were said to be aggressive and unpleasant, but that doesn’t make them murderers. Locals talked of Jenny swinging a pistol around, threatening locals. Yet no weapon was found…

The Americans spent nine months locked up in crowded, decrepit prisons. Finally, after a long campaign, using their wealth and connections, the case was thrown out against the pair. Justice had been served, or had it…?

Read more on the story here.

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